Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Worth $1.06 Billion by 2018
A new report on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) shows that this space is expected to grow over 15% from 2013 to 2018 reaching over $1 billion dollars by 2018. And this is just for dedicated AR/VR systems.
The report, by leading global market research and consulting company MarketsandMarkets, describes augmented reality as a thriving technology which has shown growth so far using mobile phone technology, cameras and GPS. It estimates that by 2015, AR will widely be used in the education field for advanced learning and teaching. 
Among the major drivers the report cites for growth are the advancements in technology, such as wearables, internet connectivity and an increased demand for AR/VR applications in the medical field.
North America and Europe are marked as geographic market leaders in the AR/VR space with some of the major companies to watch include Total Immersion (France), Qualcomm (US), Metaio (Germany), Vuzix (US), Layar (The Netherlands) and Wikitude (Germany).

Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Worth $1.06 Billion by 2018

A new report on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) shows that this space is expected to grow over 15% from 2013 to 2018 reaching over $1 billion dollars by 2018. And this is just for dedicated AR/VR systems.

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Xtreme Reality VR Headset Will Blow Your Mind

Virtual reality is back in a big way.

We first started to see this Lawnmower Man technology revive itself in Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset that just raised $75M dollars. Canadian-based Sulon Technologies is also bringing VR back to life with their head-mounted gaming console Xtreme Reality. And the demo looks pretty slick.

Xtreme Reality wants to blur the lines between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to create what they call a Mixed Reality. Instead of me telling you about it just watch the video - it’ll blow your mind (especially if you are a gamer).

Sulon Techonlogies just took home the Best Advanced Technology award at the Wearable Tech Expo in LA this month. 

Atlas Robot, Oclulus Rift and 3Doodler Make Up Time’s 25 Inventions of 2013

Time is known for their lists. This year’s Time Tech: 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013 is chock full of robots, 3d printing, IoT and wearable devices.

You can check out the Top 25 on Time’s site. But here are three that I can’t wait to see in person

1. Atlas Robot 
This robot is built to imitate human rescuers in emergency situations and disaster response. 

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2. 3Doodler

This 3D printing pen lets you draw in 3-dimension instantly.

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3. Oculus Rift

This virtual reality headset is set to change the face of gaming. 

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AR Will Change the Game - Literally

Video of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console Total AR which illustrates the power of AR - like the full power of AR. 

AR has been around for a while but it really is wearable devices like this that are going to help merge the physical with the virtual in a way that will disrupt our lives completely.

UMMM why would you watch Independence Day anyway else?

Watch the entire thing! And drool……..

awesome post taken from futurescope:

The FUTURE of TOTAL Augmented Gaming

"Crazy German" shows the first Prototype of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console. Find us on follow us on facebook or twitter @TOTALaugmented

Music by Dope Stars Inc

And “Yes” I am buidling an Oculus Rift version of the Prototype

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vrASE is a virtual reality like base for your Smartphone


"vrAse is the biggest revolution your Smartphone has ever seen. A very special case which enables you to use it like never imagined before. Today Smartphones have everything you need to enjoy movies, games and augmented reality in a portable way. The principle is very simple yet super-powerful: load your content in your mobile, slide your smartphone into vrAse and have tones of fun. Everything in a super compact, portable, affordable, hands free and upgradable device.”

Remember Paperboy = Its Back, But Oculus Style

I used to love this game! This re-imagination with Oculus is pretty amazing.

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PaperDude VR

Take old videogame ‘Paperboy, add Oculus Rift VR headset, a Kinect and a bicycle for an immersive retro experience - video embedded below:

PaperDude VR is built in Unity with 3D assets created in 3D studio and textured in Photoshop. The KickR sensor detects the speed of the bike and has the ability to provide programatically controlled resistance. The KickR communicates speed and cadence through bluetooth to a nearby iPad which updates our app over OSC.

The Oculus Rift VR headset lets you look around your scene in a full 360 degrees and allows you to focus your newspaper aim. The Kinect controller tracks the positions of your hands and arms, and detects the paper-throwing gesture.

Created by Globacore, more can be found at their website here

4D Street Art using Augmented Reality

Artist Leon Keer incorporates augmented reality to his 3D street paintings to create an even bigger visual impact. His spectators can see and interact with virtual objects and additional, overlayed information.

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90-Year Old Grandmother Tries out Virtual Reality System - Oculus Rift

Hands down - this is why I love technology.

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My 90 year old grandmother tries the Oculus Rift

From reddit:

It was great watching her use it. To think she lived through the roaring 20s, the depression, and was 19 when WW2 started, and got to live long enough to use an oculus rift is mind blowing.

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