AR Will Change the Game - Literally

Video of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console Total AR which illustrates the power of AR - like the full power of AR. 

AR has been around for a while but it really is wearable devices like this that are going to help merge the physical with the virtual in a way that will disrupt our lives completely.

UMMM why would you watch Independence Day anyway else?

Watch the entire thing! And drool……..

awesome post taken from futurescope:

The FUTURE of TOTAL Augmented Gaming

"Crazy German" shows the first Prototype of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console. Find us on follow us on facebook or twitter @TOTALaugmented

Music by Dope Stars Inc

And “Yes” I am buidling an Oculus Rift version of the Prototype

[via Accelerating Technology & Future Tech]