Nissan Google Glass Competitor, 3E?

A concept video of a HUD display, Google Glass competitor from Nissan was released by the company. The video doesn’t get into any specifications or features. But from what we can see, the device looks very much like Glass except much more geometric and the prism seems to sit at eye level rather than just above the eye like Google’s Glass.

The countdown suggests that we will find out what the 3E is all about in just over 8 days (8 days 18 hours 26 minutes and counting to be exact). The announcement is expected to be made at the 43rd Tokyo Motorshow 

More images of the concept model can be found on Nissan Japan’s web page.

This is isn’t the first wearable tech Nissan has teased us with. Back in September, Nissan released a trailer for their Nissan Nismo Smartwatch. But we have yet to hear of anything move past the concept stage from the car manufacturer.

Wearable Tech - Its Anyone’s Game: Nissan To Enter Smartwatch Space

The connected car meets the connected you with Nissan’s new smartwatch the Nissan Nismo. 

According to the press release:

· First smartwatch concept to connect driver and car
· Nismo Watch showcases Nissan’s intent to deliver biometric data that enhances driver performance and efficiency
· Nissan is investigating heart and brain monitoring technologies for future wearable tech

The watch, unveiled today ahead of its display at the Frankfurt Motor Show (10th – 22nd September 2013), is Nissan’s first step into wearable technology and epitomises its ‘fan first’ approach to performance.

The Nissan Nismo Watch will allow drivers to:

− monitor the efficiency of their vehicle with average speed and fuel consumption readings;

− access vehicle telematics and performance data while on track;

− capture biometric data via a heart rate monitor;

− connect to the car using a smartphone app via Bluetooth Low Energy;

− receive tailored car messages from Nissan;