AR Will Change the Game - Literally

Video of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console Total AR which illustrates the power of AR - like the full power of AR. 

AR has been around for a while but it really is wearable devices like this that are going to help merge the physical with the virtual in a way that will disrupt our lives completely.

UMMM why would you watch Independence Day anyway else?

Watch the entire thing! And drool……..

awesome post taken from futurescope:

The FUTURE of TOTAL Augmented Gaming

"Crazy German" shows the first Prototype of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console. Find us on follow us on facebook or twitter @TOTALaugmented

Music by Dope Stars Inc

And “Yes” I am buidling an Oculus Rift version of the Prototype

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Minority BEAT BOX Report


Watch this beat boxer go nuts with Leap Motion

“I think that people and electronic music could be more free. Normally, electronic musicians aren’t even a little bit free on live stage because they are face to face with the laptop all the time. Just move.” —Electro beat boxer Ryo Fujimoto.

Self Driving Cars Standard in Masdar City

Masdar City uses a driverless “personal rapid transport” system delivering residents from point A to point B with no effort on the “driver’s” part.

BuzzFeed did a feature recently on Masdar City calling it the City of the Future. Among self driving cars, the city was built to be entirely off the grid and its residents are dedicated to advancing science and technology (ummm next vacation spot = yes please!). 

Its the first zero-carbon city and its in the middle of the desert. Check out more information and pictures here:

Look Ma - No Hardware! Software Turns Dumb Paper into a Smart Touchscreen

Fujitsu has created a spatially aware Fingerlink Interaction System creates an interactive touchscreen like system using objects in the real world - both flat surfaces like paper and tables but also curved surfaces like books.

In this way - the system takes “dumb” items and makes them “smart”

The system doesn’t use any special hardware, it re-uses an ordinary webcam and a commercial projector. It relies on image processing technology to work its magic. 

The video demo shows how you can import information on the paper by selecting areas on the page to import as data. 

The system is designed to operate on specific gestures and will not react when you make ordinary motions on the table. The system uses finger height accurately in order to translate touch. The system can also be operated by gesture controls.

Gesture and spatial input for PC and other connected devices have received a lot of press lately with the likes of Thalmic Labs, Leap Motion and the updates from Microsoft for Kinect - but this is the first that I have seen of a company that is attempting to use this type of technology to merge the real world with the digital world outside of a typical screen.

More from Fujitsu’s press release here:

Today Google Glass. Tomorrow Cyborg Modification?

This week Google Glass started to ship to Explorers and we will soon see if this takes off and start to see people walking around with a screen in front of their eyes instead of focusing on the ones that they are carrying in their pockets.

I came across this short film by Stephan Zlotescu entitled “True Skin” (below the fold) which depicts a futuristic world where wearable devices have leaped from accessories to cyborg modifications of our bodies. This got me thinking - how far off are we from this actually becoming a reality? 

The film is situated in futuristic Bangkok where human cyber modification is the norm. “Naturals” are being phased out and its expected that you have some sort of technical modification in order to keep up with society. 


With wearable devices like Nike Fuelband, Pebble, the upcoming iWatch and Project Glass all being widely accepted in society (so far) the jump from wearable accessories to implants seems much more a reality now than what would be considered only a science fiction movie in my childhood.

We are already learning about companies like MC10 who are making computer chips as flexible and tiny as to fit on a skin like a tattoo and I can’t see us wearing Glass as glasses for too long before contact lenses take their place. Once you start wearing skin tattoos and contacts, how long is it that it starts to make sense that we should just have these items embedded in us for “convenience”?

Our willingness to adopt new technologies has come a long way. The tablet is seeing the highest adoption rate of any new tech to market and if the wearables meet analyst expectations, they should match this pace or exceed it. If this is the case, I expect that cyborg modification will seem like a natural progression in our technological evolution rather than a scary phenomenon we like to depict as the end of humanity in film.

The short film is only 5 minutes or so long. I highly recommend it. Especially if you love Minority Report and the new Total Recall. 

February is shaping up to be THE month to learn about new wearable devices that will change the way we interact with our connected devices.

In this video, Thalmic Labs shows-off their bluetooth bracelet which allows gesture control via motion and reading electrical impulses from your muscle. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

According to their website, the device will be compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, with APIs available for iOS and Android developers on a developer site “coming soon”.

You can pre-order Myo for US$149, to be shipped toward the end of this year.

For more read the CNET article

Uber Network, PTTOW, Breaks Down the Cultural Highlights of 2012 and Predictions for 2013

PTTOW! is an invite-only, member network and summit that brings together inspiring leaders from the world’s most innovative companies, along with cultural icons, to showcase game changing projects and fuel transformational media partnerships shaping today’s culture. (Umm, where can I get an invite!!!??!).

They have released this fantastic infographic on cultural highlights from 2012 and predictions for 2013.

Among the 2013 cultural predictions are Sustain-a-Culture: The Green Revolution and My Connected Life which refers to us finally reaching the Sci-Fi era.

What do you think? Any surprises here?

Original infographic was posted on my fav infographic site 


A headset that reads your brainwaves

Tan Le’s astonishing new computer interface reads its user’s brainwaves, making it possible to control virtual objects, and even physical electronics, with mere thoughts (and a little concentration). She demos the headset, and talks about its far-reaching applications