LUMO Wearable Tech Wants You to Sit Up Straight

How many times did you hear “sit up straight” from your Mom when you grew up? Well LUMO wants to be your virtual mom by tracking your posture and “shocking you” into a better position. 

LUMO is a band with sensors that monitors and tracks your posture. You wear the band around your waist and it connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth (like most wearables today).

Here is what LUMO says needs to happen to make their product work:

"1. Activate LUMOback’s Posture Monitoring App: Download the LUMOback app from the Apple App Store and follow the instructions in the app. The app will take you through a short series of movements to do the initial calibration (e.g. walking, sitting, slouching, etc.).  In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be on the path to good posture!

2. Wear: LUMOback is a small, flexible sensor that attaches to a thin and flexible belt. Strap the belt around your lower back, either against your skin or over a thin layer or clothing.

3. Track: LUMOback’s sensors measure pelvic tilt and help guide your body position to a neutral pelvis alignment. If you slouch with your lower back, lean forward, lean backwards, or shift your weight to one side, the LUMOback will let you know via a gentle vibration so you can learn to correct your stance to good posture. LUMOback also offers tracking  to help you understand your posture now, your daily activity levels, your sleep habits, and your improvements over time.”

I have a constant war with my posture being at my computer for 10 hours a day and then straight from there to a mobile device so I can totally see value in tracking and reminding myself of my posture digitally. 

The health and fitness sector is booming with wearables and so its great to see orthopedic type applications come out to the market.

You can buy the device now for $149.00USD.

Check out the video for more features and a demo.