Temple Run + Wizard of Oz = App Magic

By Tom Emrich


I am obsessed with Temple Run, especially Temple Run 2. I play it daily and, on my recent trip to Cancun, played it for the complete 4 hour flight on my iPad Mini (which I think hands down is the best device to play it on).

I am #1 for High Score against all my friends and am in the Top 5% of all Temple Run players according to Game Center. 

The mix of the music, simplicity of the game’s focus on coins and obstacles but mostly the fact that the character is constantly on the run that sends me into an exhilarated state every time I open the app.

To mark the new release of Oz: The Great and Powerful, Disney has teamed up with Temple Run to release a Temple Run Oz version. It’s $0.99 and has already shot up to the Top of the Paid App chart in the App Store. Disney was successful with this tactic for their movie Brave, which is still seeing success in the Top Paid apps - perhaps piggybacking off of the visibility that Oz is gaining.


The Oz version of Temple Run leverages everything you love about Temple Run. The running, the coins, the power-ups, the jumping and tilting and sliding - but adds in elements of Oz including the yellow brick road, flying monkeys, hot air balloons and of course - the central character, the Wizard of Oz himself. The soundtrack, power-ups and game level scenes are all set in Oz and really set the tone for the overall game.

Disney also allows you to download the HD version of the game after downloading the initial app which really makes the visuals pop and I think adds to the game experience especially on the iPhone 5. 

Although I am extremely biased seeing that I love both Temple Run and have always had an affinity for the Wizard of Oz story - I would definitely recommend downloading and trying out the app. Right now the app is giving away 1500 coins which is usually an in-app purchase of $0.99 so its a wash when you buy the app for the same price. 



You can check it out here: