The Zombies Are Coming: Sphero + AR Will Change the Way You Play

Robots are slowing making their way into our home. We are still yet to see the Jetson’s Rosie the Robot but things like Roomba, the vacuum robot and Scooba, the mop robot, have become quite common for many people.

Outside of cleaning, another area robots are seeing success are in toys and games. Zoomer, the robotic pup and Furby are great examples of these. 

Sphero is not just a toy, its a robotic gaming system powered by iOS and Android. Sphero’s mission is to change the way you play. 

Sphero 2.0 is a robotic ball that rolls at speeds of up to 7 feet per second and pairs to your device via Bluetooth with a range of up to 100 feet. Powered by induction charging and an internal smart robot, Sphero 2.0 also glows in millions of colors and is pet proof, and waterproof. 

The main difference between the original Sphero and the 2.0 version is the distance it can roll and the range of Bluetooth connectivity as the original could only roll 3 feet with a range of over 50 feet for Bluetooth.

The ball itself is awesome but the best thing about Sphero are the games that it has to play. Many of them use augmented reality. Take for example Sphero’s The Rolling Dead where you use your ball to defeat Zombies that you can see crawling around your floor though your smartphone. There are about 30 games available for Sphero so far. 

The 2.0 is retailing at $129.99 and comes with a “nubby” cover for free. 

AR Will Change the Game - Literally

Video of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console Total AR which illustrates the power of AR - like the full power of AR. 

AR has been around for a while but it really is wearable devices like this that are going to help merge the physical with the virtual in a way that will disrupt our lives completely.

UMMM why would you watch Independence Day anyway else?

Watch the entire thing! And drool……..

awesome post taken from futurescope:

The FUTURE of TOTAL Augmented Gaming

"Crazy German" shows the first Prototype of a TOTAL augmented reality gaming console. Find us on follow us on facebook or twitter @TOTALaugmented

Music by Dope Stars Inc

And “Yes” I am buidling an Oculus Rift version of the Prototype

[via Accelerating Technology & Future Tech]

The Augmented Reality Shoe Store

How does a German online shoe store grab some attention in the real world? Well, a virtual shoe fitting installation makes sense right? Yep, here it is, the Virtual Shoe Fitting Store from Goertz, an Augmented Reality, Microsoft Kinect powered installation that is plugged into a giant screen, then rolled out as virtual shoe stores at central stations and shopping centres across Germany.

Using 3x Microsoft Kinects, a beefy computer and giant screen, this virtual shoe fitting station is basically an Augmented Reality Shoe Store, tracking 3D versions of their entire range of online shoes to your feet, allowing you to choose your favourite brands, flip through colours, sizes and then post to Facebook for feedback before buying on your mobile via a dynamic QR code that is displayed on screen.

(Source: digitalbuzz)

via: saatchix

NO MORE EXCUSES: AR App Helps You Change The Oil In Your Car

This concept video from Inglobe shows the latest 3D tracking augmented reality capabilities using an app which puts this technology in context of an everyday (or hopefully not so everyday) occurrence - doing something under the hood of your car like changing the oil or even more advanced tasks.

AR has got a pretty bad rap at being gimicky and a passing fad (not by me of course) so its fantastic to see this practical application really show how this technology can help educate and assist us in the real world. 

I suspect that with the progression of wearables like Glass, we will see more of a focus on utility-based applications of AR in the near future.

AR Turns Dumb Objects into Smart Things

Great MIT demo showing how augmented reality can turn a dumb object into something much more engaging and “smart”. Here they illustrate how touch interfaces can be programmed to interact with physical objects.

This application can really be applied to anything - toys, appliances, lights you name it.

Its exciting to think that AR can bring new life to things that we already have around the house.

What You Click Is What You Wear (WYCIWYW) (by Jinha Lee)

Pretty neat concept using Augmented Reality to help give you a real-time, virtual view of items on your body. This can be achieved through a wearable screen like Google Glass or through a transparent screen either at home or in the store. 

Via: sharedandsharedagain

Lego Concept Uses Augmented Reality to Bring Bricks to Life

A concept video from Miami Ad School featuring an Augmented Reality experience for Lego is making its rounds on the internet today.

The app aims to mix all the engaging parts of screens with the creativity that Lego brings - becoming the door to endless adventures. Called Lego Storybuilder, the app allows Lego users or “builders” to interact with their creations digitally bringing offline and online worlds together. 

LEGO STORYBUILDER from Dejan Jovanovic on Vimeo.

To use it, you would download the app, build a lego creation and then use your iPad or smartphone to view your creation and it will come to life with animation. The Lego Storybuilder app recognizes the creation as the AR code which triggers the digital experience. 

What’s great about this concept is that it doesn’t just bring the brick creation to life but it also makes suggestions for the builder on how they can change their Lego creation to change the story shown on the screen. The addition and subtraction of bricks changes the story telling on the app making for a true on & offline experience. 

The app would also record the builder’s experience giving the builder not just the ability to create the props but essentially also to shoot an animated movie which they control based on their creation. 

I think this is a fantastic application for Augmented Reality which should only bode well for Lego if they were to adopt it as it would help to bring new life again to building blocks that have just piled up in a child’s closet as well as to inspire the purchase of new sets and pieces to equip the builder with better story telling capabilities. 

by Tom Emrich

Interesting use of AR for marketing of the new VW from Volkswagon via the-t-files:

AR Marketing for VW

To unveil the new 2015 Volkswagon Golf, VW put together a pop culture timeline in a fun augmented reality video that premiered at the 2013 NY Auto Show. Taking us from Pong to Nintendo to today, this stylized projection is an exciting and fun look at how to market using AR techniques.