PR2 Robot Fetches a Cup of Coffee - Stanford Presentation

1 coffee today. Barista-replacement tomorrow!

From the Stanford paper:

The system avoided a variety of obstacles and failure conditions during the testing. A common case was the presence of people and carts in the environment. The robot successfully avoided these obstacles by either driving around them or by waiting for them to clear. A second issue occurred when humans called the elevator to another floor before the robot could successfully press the control button. The robot avoided this problem by detecting and rejecting incorrect floors during the exit phase of the elevator navigation process. A third common issue was failure to push the buttons inside or outside the elevator. Recovery was achieved because the robot re-ran these processes when the elevator did not act as expected within 30 seconds.

In addition to the failures of the robot described above, the robot avoided other cases caused by humans and environmental issues. One failure mode was that the coffee shop employee did not fully push the beverage cup into the robot’s hand. This cause the robot’s hand to slip off the beverage cup as the robot attempted to pull the cup back from the human. However, the robot detected that no object was present in its gripper and asked the human to try again. Another challenge arose from a case where a human pushed a door open and then released it while the robot was lining up to navigate the door. The robot avoided this problem by waiting for sensor readings to stabilize, given its quasi-static approach to navigating the world.”


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