Space & Robotics Back New Canadian $5 Bill

It’s days like this I am extremely proud of being a Canadian!

Our new $5 and $10 dollar polymer bills were announced today (They feel like plastic which is uber-futuristic, well if you consider bills at all futuristic). On the back of the $5 bill is the Canadaarm2 and Dextre manipulator robots as a tribute to our work on both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.


We are the first nation (that I know of) that has put technology on its bills as the primary focus and as a Future Geek I think that is pretty cool.

So is the launch announcement which Commander Chris Hadfield made from Space today (video below).

My favourite coverage of the $5 bill comes from Engadget: “Let that sink in for a moment: a country’s currency will reference space robots alongside the usual politicians. The only thing dampening the awesomeness is the irony of it all, as it’s an ode to technology in a format that’s being destroyed by technology. Still, we’ll consider the $5 note a victory for geeks everywhere when we’re buying a box of Timbits.”


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