The State of Digital Payments & Wallets in America - comScore Survey Results

comScore has released some data on Digital Wallets & Payments from a survey they did in November 2012 in the US. More complete information can be found in their whitepaper, but this infographic, originally released in January of this year, gives some of the highlights.

comScore proposes that the big takeaway from this infographic is that 52% of consumers say they’d prefer to make purchases using a digital wallet both online and in a physical store which suggests that they are willing to change and accept a new form of payment for shopping.

Although the survey does seem to point to an increasing level of comfort for these advancements in payment; it seems to me that Americans are still holding strong to the more traditional ways of performing digital transactions and therefore we have a longer way to go before we start to see everyone whipping out there phones to pay for goods at the grocery store.

The fact that most participants were more likely to use a digital wallet online rather than in-store when we compare these two scenarios is one reason. But also more people would prefer a password or pin rather than some of the newer methods of tapping or being charged by photo/name recognition.

I doubt that 2013 is the year for mass adoption of a wallet outside of the browser but I agree with comScore that we moving nicely towards a time when the digital wallet will be the only wallet we have.

You can view the full infographic on here.

The whitepaper can be found here.


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