3D Printing Food Will Make You a Genius In the Kitchen

If you think printing out plastic action figures or bracelets is cool - you have to check out this CNN Money spotlight on printing Food (which is already 2 years old I might add).

Basically the 3D printer is loaded up with “paste” and it will create the food out of any shape

Icing, cookie dough, masa, chocolate…if you can fit it into a syringe then you can print food.

Cornell University Graduate explains that these types of 3D printers allow you to create beautiful food without having to know the skills to create it.

When I was in San Francisco, 3D printers that focused on chocolate creations was heavily discussed as something we might be seeing initially on the market in the world of food printing. The panelist also stressed that this type of printing is evolving quickly - like the entire sector which means that we may expect in the next 5-10 years to start to print our food rather than make it.

What type of food would you be most excited about printing?


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