It’s Caturday! Overdose on Cats with Cat-A-Minute App

by Tom Emrich


No other animal has been as celebrated in the digital world then the Cat. Cats are at the center of the majority of internet memes (Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat and Cat Breading). They are the most popular subject of countless YouTube videos (including YouTube Superstar Cat Maru) and have been at the heart of successful businesses like I Can Has Cheeseburger.

The cat is so beloved online that when Monopoly asked the world wide web what the new playing piece should be in the next edition of this classic game, the cat won out with a 30% majority share of the vote. 


There have been numerous apps for cats. Apps that translate what you are saying to cats, apps that are games for cats, and even apps that let you paint cats over photos to make them pieces of cat art (Cat Paint - my personal fav).  

Cat-a-minute is a new app to add to the mix. Its essentially a clock tied with a Flickr feed of cats which generates a new cat picture every minute. Simple and straightforward. But for those who can’t get enough of these cute, furry, often arrogant and snobby creatures - this app can fill your day with 1440 cats.


True cat officiatos will have this app running beside them while trolling the net on their MacBook for the latest videos for a total cat experience which will blow your mind! 

Cat Meme Image Sources: Mashable

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